Ayurveda and Panchakarma; stay with us in Southern Oregon


Ashland Ayurveda is a private, traditional Ayurvedic Retreat Center with on-site housing for rejuvenation and panchakarma.  We specialize in Retreat Panchakarma and also help people to balance with consultation, individual herb formulas, nutrition and numerous treatments of this ancient medicine of India.

Located in the Pacific Northwest, Ashland Ayurveda is slightly rural and yet, just minutes from Ashland or Medford in Southern Oregon.  There are separate buildings for "Ojas", the clinic, "Vayu", client accomodation, as well as the steam room.  At the center, in the place of Brahma (the Divine in Vedanta), is a 200 year old white oak who stands in love and protection.  It is relaxing to listen to the stream water fall into the pond and to watch the lioi and goldfish swim in the sunshine.  Love and serenity are felt from the moment of arrival.

An Ayurveda consultation increases awareness of habits that may help or hinder a person's health. Ayurvedic programs support healing by helping clients to balance their bodies and regain increased immunity. Clients detoxify to revitalize and reduce stress, and as a result gain energy, look younger, and heal faster.

People come for relief of many conditions, such as:

Diseases relating to nutrition and digestive disorders
Children with ADD or allergies
Conditions related to aging: diabetes, hypoglycemia, menopause, arthritis, heart problems, cancer
Emotional and psychological conditions: depression, anxiety, sleeplessness
Personalized Program Provides Greatest Results

Beginning with a personal consultation creates an individual treatment program. Then adding Services, which include shirodhara, nasya, abhyanga, svedhana, lepa, basti and many others, help to bring one to balance.  All treatments use organic oils and herbs blended specifically for the individual.

The safe, secluded facility is ideal for a retreat panchakarma. This detoxification program deeply cleans tissues and organs and is the perfect way to refocus on health and wholeness.

Staff Includes 2  Registered Nurses

Registered Nurse Kimberly Ulrich is a graduate of the California College of Ayurveda in Grass Valley, California. Read more about the Staff and see Ayurveda Journeys.

Make a Personal Commitment to Your Greater Health

We welcome your call to discuss a personal treatment program. Contact owner Kimberly Ulrich to schedule a visit.

Kimberly Ulrich, RN, Clinical Ayurveda Specialist